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Start: 7:00 pm
End: 8:00 pm
Ken Warren, author of Captain Poetry's Sucker Punch: A Guide to the Homeric Punkhole, 1980-2012 (BlazeVOX 2012) will be at Mac's on Saturday, November 3rd at 7 p.m. His talk will explore how underground culture emerges in Northeast Ohio from a complex of archetype, body, capital, contest, emotion, place, and trauma. The work of d.a. levy and Daniel Thompson will be considered as keys to making psycho-poetic sense in 'dissed' locations. “If you have any interest in poetry, the poetry that matters, Ken Warren's Captain Poetry’s Sucker Punch needs to be your constant companion. It is a critical examination of the past thirty years of poetry (plus some film & music), and it’s a language event in itself, a poetic mirroring of the occasion for its writing of not only what's new but what's news worthy. The list of writers, essential but too often ignored, is impressive: Kerouac, Snyder, Corso, Wakoski, Acker, Eshleman, Doubiago, Eigner, d. a. levy, Susan Howe, Hirschman, Oppen, Tarn, as well as cultural figures like John Cage, Simone Weil, David Lynch, Bo Diddley, and including the major revision of the Charles Olson and Vincent Ferrini relationship, the importance of Jack Clarke, teacher, scholar, poet, all set in the human context (the Homeric subtitle) that makes even the archaic contemporary.”- Joe Napora Ken Warren is the editor of House Organ, a quarterly letter of poetry and prose.
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