Just Breathe: A Simple Guide to Mindful Meditation (Paperback)

Just Breathe: A Simple Guide to Mindful Meditation By Eliza Wing, Karen Sandstrom (Illustrator) Cover Image

Just Breathe: A Simple Guide to Mindful Meditation (Paperback)

By Eliza Wing, Karen Sandstrom (Illustrator)


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Just Breath is a clear, concise and approachable guide to Mindful Meditation. Illustrated with beautiful black and white drawings, the book brings the reader through the basics as well as the foundations of living a mindful life.
Eliza Wing is a long-time meditator. She is trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) . Wing teaches workshops, classes and leads retreats in Northeast Ohio. Karen Sandstrom is a Cleveland-based artist and illustrator.
Product Details ISBN: 9780578588148
Publisher: Soar Mindfulness LLC
Publication Date: November 17th, 2019
Pages: 32
Many thanks for sharing your wonderful book with us - it's hit a chord with our customers! - owner, independent bookstore

I have read more than a dozen books on mindfulness, and I just read “Just Breathe, A Simple Guide to Mindful Meditation”, by Eliza Wing. This little gem is by far the shortest mindfulness text that I have read (32 pages - breezed through it one sitting on a short connector flight), but don’t let that fool you because this book is a priceless, elegant little gem. With a sense of feng shui, Ms. Wing lays out the core elements of mindfulness in an unintimidating, uncluttered, and stealthily functional format. Passages are brief, to the point and elegantly minimalist. As Ms. Wing states in her introduction, “Mindfulness practice is simple but not easy.” I agree, which is what makes this book special: it’s simple to read and simple to understand, yet highlights the typical complexities of practicing mindfulness which can only be overcome by consistent long term practice. Accordingly, I would highly recommend “Just Breathe” to anyone that is curious or shy about beginning a mindfulness practice. I would also recommend this as a quick reference tool for experienced meditators, or to anyone else that needs a reminder to ...just ...breathe.

-Steven J. Simmons, December 2019

Thank you for writing this clear and concise guide. I have been on the meditation path since 2003. To say it has been a long and winding road is an understatement. I have felt every .single .feeling. described in the book. — Mary Lou