Jo Cox: More in common (Paperback)

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Jo Cox: More in common (Paperback)


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'Jo Cox's selfless service to others made the world a better place' Barack Obama, 44th President of the United States


'Jo's dedication to a fairer and kinder world beautifully told ...' Bear Grylls | 'A desperately tender account ... part love story, part grief memoir ... resolutely uplifting' Decca Aitkenhead, Guardian | 'Brave, inspiring, and full of love' Daily Express | 'A chance to get to know the woman behind the headlines - a tiny ball of energy with a heart as big as a lion, a person who wanted to make a difference' Lorraine Kelly, Sun

Jo Cox's murder in June 2016 shocked the world. In the aftermath of her tragic death her husband Brendan Cox urged us to remember Jo's life and what she stood for and not the manner of her death. In this inspiring and impassioned portrait of Jo - as daughter, mother, wife, sister, MP and campaigner - we see how much she gave and much more she had to give. The values she embraced of togetherness, inclusion and compassion are needed now more than ever. A touching and very human portrait of an extraordinary woman, whose legacy has already inspired others.
'We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us.'

Winner of the Best Political Book by a non-Parliamentarian (Parliamentary Book Awards)

All Brendan Cox's royalties will go to the Jo Cox Foundation.

'Jo would have no regrets about her life, she lived every day of it to the full.'

Brendan Cox was Jo's husband and is dad to their two children.
For the last eighteen months he has been working to combat growing xenophobia and intolerance across Europe.
Brendan's royalties for this book will go to the Jo Cox Foundation.

Product Details ISBN: 9781473659209
ISBN-10: 1473659205
Publisher: Two Roads
Publication Date: May 31st, 2022
Pages: 352
Language: English
The story of Jo's life runs through the book: her childhood growing up in West Yorkshire; winning a place at Cambridge; working for Oxfam where she met Brendan; winning the seat for Labour in 2015 in her childhood constituency which fulfilled a lifelong dream... Jo comes across as a thoroughly decent person who was on a mission to change what she saw as an unjust world... And it is all utterly heart-breaking because you know as you read the book that all of this happiness, drive and energy is going to come to a sudden, needless and irrevocable end... This is not an easy read. It is overwhelmingly sad at times and the chapters that deal with the immediate aftermath of Jo's death, where Brendan wrestles with how to tell his children what has happened, are almost unbearable... While Jo Cox: More In Common is raw, painful and shot through with grief, it is also brave, inspiring and full of love.—Daily Express

A searingly honest and extremely moving book about Jo Cox, which gives us all a chance to get to know the woman behind the headlines and the shocking way she died. Jo comes across as a tiny ball of energy with a heart as big as a lion, a person who wanted to make a difference.—Lorraine Kelly, Sun

This feels like an important book, and it shows that a beautiful book can be written in clear, plain style - there is beauty enough in its subject.—The Guardian