The Book of Enoch for Beginners: A Guide to Expand Your Understanding of the Biblical World (Paperback)

The Book of Enoch for Beginners: A Guide to Expand Your Understanding of the Biblical World By Phillip J. Long Cover Image

The Book of Enoch for Beginners: A Guide to Expand Your Understanding of the Biblical World (Paperback)


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Journey through the strange world of the Book of Enoch

Fragments of the Book Enoch were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls yet were not published until 1978. Considered one of the lost books of the Bible, "1 Enoch" features unique writing on fallen angels, the great flood of Genesis, the final judgment, and the prophecy of a future messiah. Use this guide to delve into the key events and figures of the text, from The Book of Watchers to The Epistle of Enoch.
  • An engaging introduction—Dive right in with a summary of the subject matter and key facts about the history and content.
  • Easily digestible sections—Gain a thorough understanding of Enoch through a combination of summaries, key verses, and enlightening commentary, all designed for beginning students.
  • Rarely covered material—Find information on the lesser-known aspects of the book of Enoch, complete with material on how all five sections can enhance our understanding of the Bible, early Christianity, and early Judaism.

Demystify the Book of Enoch with The Book of Enoch for Beginners
PHILIP J. LONG, PhD, is a professor of biblical studies at Grace Christian University. He earned masters degrees in Biblical Exposition and Old Testament from Biola University and a PhD in New Testament from Andrews University. Dr. Long is also the author of Galatians: Freedom Through God’s Grace.
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Publication Date: September 27th, 2022
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"I'm not sure who said it or wrote it or mentioned it in passing at a conference, but at one point someone said in my presence that 'You cannot understand the New Testament if you don't have a firm grasp of the Hebrew Bible and The Book of Enoch.' They were right. And that's why this little book by Phillip Long is so incredibly relevant and significant. He leads his readers to a clear understanding of this material so central to so much of Christian thinking." —Jim West, ThD, lecturer in biblical studies and church history, Ming Hua Theological College/Charles Sturt University

"The Book of Enoch is an Internet sensation these days, inspiring theories about ancient astronauts, the Illuminati, and the imminent apocalypse. The real contents of this book are not so dramatic, but they are no less interesting. Phillip Long here provides the novice with a readable and attractive introduction to this fascinating ancient text. It will prove a handy guide to those who want to know what serious scholars are saying about The Book of Enoch and an excellent companion for those who undertake to read the text for themselves." —Anthony J. Tomasino, PhD, author of Judaism before Jesus