Expect A Miracle: Understanding and Living With Autism (Paperback)

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Powerful and motivating, this story inspires you to do whatever you can to live the life you want- no matter what others expect or think. Told from the unique separate viewpoints of a young man with high-functioning autism (David), and his mother (Sandy), you will be pulled into this story and filled with admiration and respect for both individuals.

Reading from Sandy's perspective- the love, determination, pain, protectiveness, and anticipation can be felt through the pages as you are transported along with her as she watches David grow up. Sandy perhaps gives her son the best gift that a parent can give- her belief in him and his ability to succeed. Nothing deters Sandy from her mission: to provide David with whatever he needs to have a fulfilling life, the same thing every parent wants for their own child. She does everything in her power to help David fly alone- and fly he does

David's perspective brings us into the heart of his deepest feelings: fears about fitting in, becoming his own person, and growing up and embracing the important things in life. Extremely relatable, his voice feels like a familiar companion to your own innermost thoughts and sentiments. David will struggle, fail, and try again as many times as it takes for him to accomplish his dreams. David's openness about his failures is humbling. His perseverance is inspirational. And his easy-going and forgiving personality will encourage the understanding and acceptance of others' differences. An amazing person, it's impossible not to connect with and root for David as you follow him along his journeys through life.

Filled with important tips and lessons learned, this book guides the reader through every challenge and solution found along the way. Expect A Miracle will be cherished by anyone who is on the autism spectrum, their family and friends, as well as anyone who feels alone, misunderstood, or is looking for the courage to live a life of their own making. In addition, beyond their training, educators, and professionals working with clients on the autism spectrum will find Sandy and David's personal insights invaluable in understanding how to meet their challenges. Employers and coworkers will likewise appreciate this guiding information and compelling story.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781942197492
ISBN-10: 1942197497
Publisher: Aapc Publishing
Publication Date: June 17th, 2020
Pages: 402
Language: English