Depth of Change: Selected Writings and Remarks on Social Change

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Greg will be discussing his book at a virtual event on Saturday, March 5th at 1 pm. Click HERE for the link

Depth of Change: Selected Writings and Remarks on Social Change by Greg Coleridge is an anthology of selected articles, columns, editorials, letters, sermons, poems, talks and testimonies over four decades on economic, environmental and social justice; democracy; foreign policy/peace/nonviolence and systemic change/movements. The analysis and calls to action are as timely today as ever.

A native of Akron and life-long resident of Northeast Ohio, Greg Coleridge has been actively involved in social change, beginning at Oberlin College in the late 1970’s while working to divest the school’s investments in companies supporting apartheid in South Africa.

After graduation, he began volunteering and soon, thereafter, began working for the Northeast Ohio American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), a Quaker-related social action organization.

His educational, advocacy and organizing efforts over the next 33 years included engaging with diverse individuals and organizations at the local, state and national levels employing a range of strategies  and tactics that opposed multiple injustices and proposed fundamental alternatives.

He began workingin 2017 with Move to Amend, a national group organizing to pass a Constitutional Amendment to abolish the constitutional doctrines of “corporate personhood” (i.e. corporate constitutional rights) and “money is free speech.”

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