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Dr. Louise Prochaska will be at Mac's on Thursday, February 6th at 7 pm. to discuss her new book Keys to a Happier Life and the link between happiness and creativity.

Louise Prochaska is a recently retired professor of theology and Women’s Studies at Notre Dame College in Cleveland. She recently developed a course at Notre Dame inspired by Dr. Laurie Santos "Psychology of the Good Life" classes at Yale. Dr. Santos teaches that mindfulness, gratitude, generosity, a good night’s sleep, and building personal friendships without social media all have been proven to promote a deep sense of inner well-being.  

Dr. Prochaska built on this foundation and added positive psychology and spirituality concepts to create Keys to a Happier Life. 

The Ten Keys

These ten keys are supported by research in positive psychology, by neuroscience, and by practices found in all major religious traditions. The keys are not difficult and can be learned by children. The need is great because many people today live in a stressful, frenetic, and impersonal environment that works against health and happiness.

1. Live mindfully in the present moment

2. Care for one’s physical self: sleep, diet, exercise

3. Spread Kindness 

4. Be grateful and express it often

5. Forgive and ask for forgiveness

6. Nurture Relationships with family and friends

7. Reduce screen time and replace social media with listening empathically

8. Find your unique gift and live for a purpose greater than yourself (life mission)

This is a key with several layers and needs more time than the others

9. Keep your thoughts, feelings and words positive

10. Experience the beauty around you

Event date: 
Thursday, February 6, 2020 - 7:00pm to 8:00pm
Event address: 
1820 Coventry Rd.
Cleveland Heights, OH 44118