Sacred City, Gettysburg by Morning and Appointment in Tehran

Thursday, November 11, 2021 - 7:30pm to 8:30pm

Theodore C. Van Alst, author of Sacred City and Sacred Smokes (University of New Mexico Press), Randy O'Brien, author of Gettysburg by Morning (Histria Books) and and James Stejskal, author of Appointment in Tehran (Casemate) will do a virtual event on Thursday, November 11th at 7:30 p.m

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Theodore C. Van Alst Jr. is a professor and the chair of Indigenous Nations Studies at Portland State University. He is also the author of Sacred Smokes (UNM Press).

About Sacred City:

Sacred City Chicago: home to urban Indians and immigrants and working folks and the whole gamut of people getting by in a world that doesn’t care whether they do so or not. Sacred City is an incomparable follow-up to Van Alst’s award-winning debut collection, Sacred Smokes. Our young narrator now heads deeper into the heart of the city and himself, accompanied by ancestors and spirits who help him and the reader see that Chicago was, is, and always will be Indian Country. Part love song and part lament, Sacred City explores what options are available to an intelligent, smart-assed young man who was born poor and grew up in a gang. Van Alst’s skillful storytelling takes us on a journey where Chicago will never seem the same.

Randy O'Brien has a B.S. degree from Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, majoring in English and minoring in History and Secondary education. He was the News Director of WMOT-FM for three decades, reporting hard news and features, proudly mentoring dozens of now successful graduates. He was an adjunct writing instructor at MTSU and Watkins School of Art and Design and former President of the Tennessee Screenwriting Association.

About Gettysburg by Morning;

There are over two hundred documented cases of women dressing as men to fight in the Civil War. Gettysburg by Morning places you on the battlefield with Eloise Edwards, a patriotic young woman fighting arm-in-arm with her fellow soldiers. Featuring historical figures like Abraham Lincoln, Mary Todd Lincoln and Oliver Wendell Holmes, this historical novel also speculates on the origins of the Gettysburg Address.

James Stejskal is a former US Army Special Forces soldier who served on special operations in many "interesting places" worldwide before retiring as a Chief Warrant Officer 4. He was then recruited by the Central Intelligence Agency to serve again as a senior Case Officer in Africa, Europe, and the Far East before finally retiring from active service. He is now a military historian and the author of Special Forces Berlin and Masters of Mayhem. 

About Appointment in Tehran:

When radical Iranian students seize the U.S. Embassy compound in Tehran and take over fifty diplomats hostage the U.S. President has to negotiate with a government that wants only to humiliate the United States. When talks fail, the President must turn to the military to bring the Americans home by force.

As preparations are made for an audacious rescue, an American intelligence officer hides alone in a Tehran safehouse with a secret. He is protecting a powerful weapon known as the Perses Device, which is now at risk of being captured and employed against the United States. The Agency Director orders that it must be brought out at all costs.

But as a small American team clandestinely enters Tehran to lead the way for the rescue force, a traitor spills the secret and KGB Spetsnaz operatives begin their own search for the weapon. At the last minute, one more American is added to the advance team--his sole mission is to get the Agency officer and the Perses device to safety. When the rescue mission fails, only two Americans are left to run the gauntlet of enemy agents and get the weapon out.



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