Trading Policy

Mac's Backs is a book exchange-we give you credit towards used books in the store.

Your book trades are very important and contribute to our unique selection --- our bookstore reflects the reading habits of the community.

When you bring in your books we give you up to 25 percent of the cover price in trade.

Use your credit towards half the price of any used book in the store. The other half is paid in cash.

Your credit is good towards all the used books in the store. Credit is not good on new book or magazine purchases.

We will give you credit for most books.

What we DON'T take:


computer books

library discards,

serial romance fiction

old travel books 

**books that have mildew or water damage.

We are also very selective with hardcovers. We do not take hardcover popular fiction or mysteries but we will take hardcover classics and some non-fiction.

If we have too many copies of a title we will not be able to take it.

Since we can't always take all of your books we ask that you take back what we can't give credit for.